English Minor

English Minor

The English Minor (ENGCC) provides students the opportunity for concentrated work to complement their chosen major program.

Professionals in such areas as business, social service, science, technology, and public service need to understand and communicate with other human beings (from managers to colleagues to clients) in order to succeed. In the English Minor, students can combine courses in writing and literature in order to sharpen analytic skills, to enhance their ability to synthesize ideas and communicate information in logical, precise and effective ways, and to increase their understanding of human behavior and the cultural contexts of human intention and interaction—all this while enriching their appreciation for the art of literature and the lifelong pleasures it brings.


Students must take 18 credits of English, at least 6 credits from the 200 level and at least 6 credits from the 400 level. Any combination of literature and writing courses in English is acceptable. All courses for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. English courses that satisfy part of a student's General Education Requirements in the Humanities or the Arts may be "double-counted" as part of the English minor. However, courses that satisfy, or qualify a student for the Writing/Speaking component of the University's General Education Requirements (English 4/15/30 or 202) may not make up part of the minor in English.

For more information contact: Dr. Adam Sorkin, 610-892-1444, ajs2@psu.edu