The Bachelor of Science in Business and the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Business

The program combines up-to-date study in core disciplines such as accounting, management, marketing, economics, finance, and logistics with applied studies and internships in practical, real-world settings.

The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) program differs from many traditional programs in that it is based on "systems thinking" and study approach that prepares you not as a specialist in one functional area of business, but as a workforce participant equipped with multifaceted skills applicable to any number of business areas and situations.

Your "senior experience"—a business internship or independent research project—allows you to apply what you have learned in the classroom in a dynamic, real-world business situation.

Graduates of our program are expected to master a core set of business administration skills and competencies. Our program stresses interpersonal and technical communications skills, collaborative student-centered learning, and a high degree of faculty-student interaction. As a result, our graduates know how to give oral and electronic presentations, lead groups, use spreadsheet and project management software, work on cross-functional teams, manage time creatively, use Internet, e-mail, and conferencing software, improve productivity, and creatively solve problems and make management, marketing and financial decisions.

Eligibility Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Business is offered in the University College of Penn State. Students are classified in the major as BSBCC on their academic records. The major is an upper-division degree, meaning that students must meet requirements for entry-to-degree status. The Penn State Baccalaureate Degree Programs Bulletin states these requirements this way: Students admitted to the major must have earned at least 60 credit hours from Penn State or other colleges and universities. Under certain circumstances, further restrictions or exclusions on entrance to majors may be required because of space limitations.

Transfer students and adults with 60 or more acceptable credits may be admitted to the program directly. Incoming freshman with fewer than 60 credits will be enrolled in the University College. They may apply for entry into the BSB program after meeting the major requirements.

Accelerated BSB Program

Complete your Bachelor's of Business degree in an accelerated format with convenient evening and weekend classes. A new set of accelerated classes begin every seven weeks. Find out more details about the BSB Program.

Student Testimonials