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Jen Petrella of Penn State Brandywine

Alumna uses her four-year biology degree to fight cancer

Only one year after graduating, Jen Petrella is working at the University of Pennsylvania on cancer research.
Penn State Brandywine's Megan Povelones

Linking mitochondrial shapes and energy

Assistant Professor of Biology Megan Povelones was recently awarded a five-year grant that will allow her to expand her current research on the structure and function of mitochondria.
Penn State Brandywine's Mick Yoder

Examining cell behavior

Discovering the relationship between cell behavior and embryonic development is what inspires Assistant Professor of Biology Mick Yoder.
Rebecca Slomowitz at the Center for Autism Research

Linking brain development and autism

Penn State alumna Rebecca Slomowitz is working to better understand autism as a researcher at the Center for Autism Research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Undergraduate research team

Perfect pitch

Discovering the relationship between language learning and music is what inspires Assistant Professor of Psychology Evan Bradley and his team of undergraduate student researchers.
Lauren Lomas doing research

Student’s research explores child cognitive development

VIDEO: For undergraduate students passionate about learning, conducting research side-by-side with a faculty mentor can be an invaluable experience.