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Penn State Brandywine science scholar studies abroad in Singapore

By the midpoint of her sophomore year, Katya Iatsenko had already served as an undergraduate researcher and presented at multiple conferences — but navigating the opportunity to study abroad wasn’t an exact science.
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Penn State Brandywine students at the United Nations International Day of Peace Student Observance

Brandywine students attend United Nations’ peace observance

For nine Penn State Brandywine students studying civic engagement, New York City became their classroom for a day as they attended the United Nations International Day of Peace Student Observance on September 20.
Nyssa Fahy of Penn State Brandywine

Brandywine student named sole recipient of undergraduate Trollope Prize

Penn State Brandywine student and English major Nyssa Fahy is the recipient of this year’s undergraduate Trollope Prize.
Dana Johnson

Penn State Brandywine announces first-ever Athletics Hall Of Fame class

Penn State Brandywine’s inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame class will feature six members as the campus's first-ever hall of famers were announced recently.
Jeremy Branch

Brandywine alumni continue campus legacy as staff

Alumni play an essential part in the Penn State Brandywine community, and some even find their way back to the campus as employees. Four Brandywine alumni shared their journeys from student to staff and how their jobs are contributing to the campus culture.
Christopher Guay working at CTDI

Engineering student turns classroom knowledge into part-time employment

Christopher Guay, a senior engineering major at Penn State Brandywine, quickly understood the value of real-world experience and wasted no time pursuing part-time job opportunities in his field through employment search engines and networking. His search paid off.