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Korean students visit Philadelphia

Visiting Korean students study American culture at Brandywine

Over the last few years, Penn State Brandywine has forged unique educational partnerships with two universities in South Korea.
Maddie Malfara and Ekaterina Iatsenko of Penn State Brandywine

Brandywine team talks parasitology at the Huck Center for Malaria Research

One Brandywine faculty member and two of her students spent a weekend discussing a subject that makes some people squirm: parasites.
W.W. Smith

W.W. Smith Trust awards $103,000 for Abington, Brandywine student scholarships

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust awarded a combined grant of $103,000 for student scholarships to Penn State Abington and Penn State Brandywine. Scholarships up to $7,000 will be available to qualified full-time students at both campuses with unmet financial need.
Frankly-Deep Hot Sauce

Frankly-Deep hot sauce gets a 'boost' from Penn State Brandywine

Hot sauce producer Frankly-Deep recently gained support from Penn State Brandywine, as the local small business was named a Brandywine Boost grant recipient.
 Ridley Creek State Park

Brandywine students keep community partnership alive at Ridley Creek State Park

Since opening in 1967, Penn State Brandywine has taught its students the value of community service by partnering with local businesses, nonprofits and municipalities.