Campus Leadership

Campus Leadership


Kristin R. Woolever

Academic Affairs

Cynthia Lightfoot
Director of Academic Affairs

Development and Alumni Relations

Director of Development

Enrollment Services

Nicola DiFronzo-Heitzer
Director of Enrollment Management

University Relations

Bill Tyson
Director of Marketing and Communications

Student Affairs

Ronika Money-Adams
Director of Student Affairs

Finance and Business Services

Margaret Buban
Director of Finance and Business

Continuing Education

Margaret Bacheler
Director of Continuing Education

Faculty Executive Committee
(a standing committee of the Faculty Senate)

Laura Guertin, Chair (2016-2019)
Barb Rostick, Chair-Elect (2017-2020)
Charles Helou, Past Chair (2015-2018)
Dan Parrish, Secretary (-2018)
Lori Elias, Parliamentarian (-2018)
Jim Berkey (2016-2018)
Nannette D'Imperio (2016-2018)
Marinda Harrell-Levy (2016-2018)
Laura Evans (2017-2019)
Valerie Mendez-Gallardo (2017-2019)
Mick Yoder (2017-2019)
University Faculty Senator (only 1 attends)