Course Sequence

Course Sequence

Students may take all or only part of the course offerings listed below.

Fall Semester

American Studies 100 section 801 (AM ST 100 (801))  3 credits
Introduces American culture and history and explores the values, practices and beliefs inherent within our country's social, political and ideological framework.

Language and Literacy Education (LLED 5) 3 credits
Develops effective strategies for reading and interpreting college texts, and assists students in developing effective study skills. 

English 4 (ENG 004)  3 credits
Provides intensive instruction in writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

English 100 (ENG100)  3 credits
Provides instruction in grammar with emphasis on grammatical errors found in student writing.

English 005 (ENG 005) 1 credit
Offers intensive one-on-one help with writing.  Students meet with a tutor at least once a week to brainstorm, edit, and revise writing. 

Sequence of Courses, Spring Semester

English 15 (ENG 15) 3 credits
Develops student skills in writing essays and doing research.

Comparative Literature 153 (Cm Lit 153) 3 credits
Responds critically to essays, short stories and films from throughout the world, with an emphasis on developing global and cultural knowledge.