We offer one option in Letters, Arts, and Sciences at the Brandywine Campus: Liberal Studies which combines humanities, arts, and social and behavioral sciences. Depending upon your interests and career goals, you also may create a minor in one of the following areas: American Studies, Business, English, Communication Arts and Sciences, International Studies or Women's Studies.

For the B.A. degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 120 credits is required.

Recommended Academic Plan

General Education: 45 credits [University-wide requirements]

  • English 15
  • English 202
  • Communication Arts and Sciences
  • 6 credits in quantification
  • 9 credits in science
  • 6 credits in arts
  • 6 credits in humanities
  • 6 credits in social and behavioral sciences
  • 3 credits in health and physical activity

Bachelor of Arts: 24 credits [Commonwealth College requirements]

  • 12 credits in a foreign language
  • 3 credits in arts
  • 3 credits in humanities
  • 3 credits in social and behavioral sciences
  • 3 credit in other cultures

Major Requirements: 36 credits [Degree requirements]

Core skills courses: 12 credits

  • Independent research
  • Communication skills
  • Application of theory
  • Critical thinking

Content-based courses: 24 credits

  • 400-level courses: 15 credits
  • other courses: 9 credits

Electives: 18 credits

  • Electives are any courses that take your fancy. If you are a transfer student, or if you have changed your major, you may use previous college credits that do not meet the criteria for general education, bachelor of arts, or major requirements.