Brandywine Boost Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Brandywine Boost, a program of Invent Penn State! 

Brandywine Boost is designed to give a few selected clients direct assistance and ideas for improving their small business, while also including a wider audience of business professionals in our workshops and outreach. 

Selected clients will receive grants of up to $5,000 to support their technology, marketing, accounting and/or other related needs.

In order to help us understand your business and the concerns you would like help in addressing, please answer all questions below. The more you tell us, the more likely we can help you. Our goal is to match campus strengths and available services to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

1=strongly disagree | 4=neither disagree or agree | 7=strongly agree
My firm is offering a product/service similar to my competitors.
My firm is offering a new type of service/production in a new market.
I am highly involved in the day-to-day operation of my firm.
I have a high quality workforce at my firm who can run the company when I am away.
I would be available to spend time with college students who work on my “problem.”
My firm has received almost all positive feedback from our customers.
I am fairly comfortable with the e-commerce aspect of business.
Please rank the following services in terms of how much you would like to receive help in each area.
Rank #1 as the most appealing.

Thank you for providing this information. We hope to successfully match you to our strengths and work with you to meet your goals. Your application will be reviewed by the Brandywine Boost team and we will contact you directly regarding next steps.