A business major exposes students to the intricacies of the business world and includes courses in accounting, economics, finance, logistics, management and marketing. The degree combines the theoretical underpinnings of core business disciplines, with applied study in a practical setting. Graduates master how to creatively solve problems, work on cross-functional teams, make financial decisions, lead groups and network professionally.

Curriculum Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business is an upper-division, professionally oriented  business degree for individuals who are seeking general preparation in business. The program prepares students to be well equipped with multifaceted skills applicable to any number of business areas and situations in the workforce. The program combines up-to-date research in core disciplines with applied studies and internships in practical, real-world settings. The degree also allows students to become familiar with the unique business environments of their local communities.

Graduates of the program are expected to master a core set of business administration skills and competencies, including:

  • Interpersonal and technical communications skills
  • Collaborative student-centered learning
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Team work
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking

SAP Certificate

SAP is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning software company in the world. Employers are looking for candidates experienced in using SAP software to better manage business operations. The SAP Certificate can provide valuable hands on experience to help you move up within your organization, or find a new position elsewhere.

Complementary Minors and Certificates

Students who minor in one of the following disciplines find a strong overlap or complement to the business program:

Certificates can supplement an existing degrees program or be earned separately from a degree program by taking anywhere between 6-30 credits.

Internships, Research and Application

The senior experience is a business internship or independent research project which enables a student to apply what was learned in the classroom to a dynamic, real-world business situation. This senior-level project will allow a student to work with an organization to apply business fundamentals and skills in a field setting. The student will prepare a comprehensive paper and presentation about his or her experience.

Graduation and Beyond

The business degree enables students to prepare for professional and managerial careers in public and nonprofit organizations, as well as for advanced professional or graduate study. Business graduates have careers in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, accounting, banking, economics, finance, investments, marketing and management. Graduates of the program may also go on to graduate and doctoral level degrees and/or professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners or a number of other designations.