Internship Profile - Meaghan Daly, CAS
Last December between the fall and spring semesters, Meaghan Daly landed an internship in the garment district of Manhattan with designer Rachel Antonoff that put her on an exciting path to success in the fashion design industry.


At Penn State Brandywine, 83% of graduates complete at least one internship compared to the national average of 69% for the class of 2014 (InternMatch survey). Penn State Brandywine emphasizes the importance of internships for their educational value, allowing students to apply classroom learning to real world experiences. Numerous other benefits exist including: increased self-awareness, skill development, discernment of interests, improved chances of employability, potential for intern to hire, expansion of professional network, professional maturity and development, the opportunity to exercise civic responsibility, preparation for graduate school application and building an impressive résumé.

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Whether earning credit or not, all students are asked to complete the Internship Acceptance Form once officially hired. Students may preview data needed for the Acceptance Form in order to plan ahead and, if necessary, share with the internship supervisor before completing the online form.

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