Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations

Penn State Brandywine encourages students' participation and leadership in an array of active student organizations and other campus leadership opportunities. By joining a student organization, becoming an Orientation Leader over the summer, or attending leadership development programs (such as the Penn State Leadership Conference), you can easily get involved with campus life and build valuable leadership skills. Join one of the many existing student organizations or start your own!

For information on starting a club, contact the Gary Miller at 610-892-1321 or

Clubs and Organization Registration
Important Dates - Fall 2017

Involvement Fair: August 31, 2017 during common hour. Please use the following link to reserve a space for your club or organization at the Involvement Fair:  
This form must be submitted by Monday, August 28, 2017.

Club Registration Form Deadline: September 13, 2017, 4 p.m. Download the registration form here.

Student Organization Training: Training his year will consist of two one-hour sessions, this training is mandatory-

Part 1- September 13 or September 19; Part 2- September 15 or September 28- (Only need to attend one of each session)

Part 1 & Part 2- September 22 (If you attend this session, you do not need to attend the sessions above)

Adviser Meeting: September 21, noon - 1 p.m.

Council of Club President Meetings: September 29, October 27, December 1, 2017

2016-2017 Registered Clubs and Organizations

Penn State Brandywine encourages students to get involved in student organizations.
Below is a list of registered clubs and organizations available at Penn State Brandywine.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a club motivated to give people their human rights. This club is intended to involve students in a creative and progressive environment to write and sign letters to get innocent people out of jail or other unjustful situations. Also, we fundraise to help the less fortunate. Amnesty International is dedicated to changing lives.
Contact President: Sevgi Isik,

Black Student League (BSL)
The purpose of this club is to provide an uplifting safe environment to express black cultures and values to everyone. We will engage our members/community in discussions on issues facing the black community and its diverse sub-sections. BSL will also serve as the primary advocacy organization for black students.
Contact President: Wenlock Nau,

Blue & White Society
The purpose of this club is to support the Penn State Alumni Association's mission to connect alumni, provide service to alumni, and to support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service. The club will also support Penn State students; instill Penn State pride in our communities; enhance the student experience at Penn State Brandywine; and encourage students to become involved with their University for life.
Contact President: Christina Pentimall,

Brandywine Events & Activities Service Team (B.E.A.S.T.)
B.E.A.S.T. is responsible for providing fun, educational, recreational, spiritual, and cultural programs and events to the campus community.
Contact: Kyle Copley,

Brandywine Freethinkers
The Brandywine Freethinkers club serves to provide information and awareness on issues plaguing secularists. This group is not identity exclusive and includes atheists, agnostics, apostates, non-believers, freethinkers, etc.
Contact President: Adam Bivens,

Brandywine Warriors
The purpose of the club is to perform community service projects for the betterment of the University, the Brandywine campus, and the community. The club is to be an advocate of veterans on the campus and in the community, a platform for the integration of veterans into the collegiate social and professional networks, and to stimulate the progression and success while promoting the recognition of the contributions of the veteran community.
Contact President: Edson Wright,

Civic Engagement
This club is geared towards students interested in campus and community engagement. This club's intention and vision is to be a resource to students in all majors who are passionate about creating lasting partnerships within the campus and community. We will organize events and projects relevant to civic and community engagement
Contact President: Kevin Cauley,

Engineering Club
The purpose of this club is to provide leadership and educational opportunities for members. We also help Brandywine become more diverse. In addition, we work on expanding the culture awareness on the campus.
Contact President: Christina Debarberie,

Lion Ambassadors
The Lion Ambassadors serve the Penn State Brandywine campus community by providing tours for prospective students and their families. They also support the Admissions staff at various campus events including open houses, offer programs, and graduation.
Contact President: Coleman Hart,

Lion's Eye
The Lion's Eye is the student-run campus newspaper.
Contact Karen Theveny,

Marketing & Advertising
This club provides students with real-world marketing experience and allows students to share marketing resources and best practices.
Contact President: Kim Fitzgerald,

Multicultural Club
The multicultural club seeks to explore and unite people of all cultures and backgrounds to foster a greater understanding of the human spirit.
Contact President: Wamboi Wamoni,

Musicians Collaborative
Musician Collaborative helps serve a vital need at Brandywine. Not only does it aid the networking process of musicians, linking them with each other and the music community as a whole, but it will provide on-campus opportunities to gain experience and recognition for their craft. Ideally, our organization will work to connect other groups and aid in fundraising and general entertainment by making music an integral part of student life.
Contact President: Antonio Nicosia,

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association promotes the positive message of the Islamic faith to the Brandywine community. This club provides an outlet to promote an environment based on the principles of tolerance, honesty, faith, and love for all Muslim and non-Muslim students. 
Contact President: Robert Saleh,

Nittany Christian Fellowship
The Nittany Christian Fellowship nurtures students through fellowship, biblical teaching, and praise and worship.
Contact President: Nathan Gemmell,

Penn In Hand
Penn in Hand is the literary magazine for the Brandywine campus. For many years, this publication has benefited students and faculty by providing an outlet for all manners of creative works. The annual showcase for campus talent offered by Penn In Hand is an excellent experience for our student contributors, and it stands as a perennial badge of honor for our campus.
Contact President: Andrew Leake,

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
Phi Beta Lambda is an individual chapter of Pennsylvania. PBL is part of a national organization that recognizes future business leaders and helps them learn valuable business skill sets as well as leadership skills while organizing and volunteering for many different local and national charities and organizations.
Contact President: Dominque Avella,

Photography Club
The purpose of the club is to take photographs of nature and people, in an attempt to capture the beauty of photography. We create abstract art and are going to build a community of young adults; whether our choice is a smartphone or a Canon camera. We will critique photography and learn about the different parts of a camera.
Contact President: Ezenwa Osuagwu,

The Psychology Club is designed to unify students interested in and enhance student's knowledge about the field of psychology.
Contact President: Musa Dolley,

Rainbow Alliance
The Gay Straight Alliance provides support for students who identify as LGBTA or wish to be an ally. This club provides awareness, support, and programming to the campus community.
Contact President: David McDermott,

The Robotics Club is intended to develop engineering skills through the design and construction of robots.
Contact President: Krishan Patel,


Scientific Research Association
Scientific Research Association is a club geared toward students interested in science. This club is intended to provide an opportunity to assist and support Penn State Brandywine students to conduct a variety of scientific research.
Contact President: Tayseer Albustumi,

Scientista Foundation
Scientista is a chapter of a national organization, The Scientista Foundation. This club is intended to empower and support preprofessional women in STEMM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine). The goal is to create a network of women that can offer mentoring, advice and opportunities for its members.
Contact President: Madeline Malfara,

Student Government Association (S.G.A.)
SGA is the governing body for Brandywine students. The mission of SGA is to advocate for the needs of a diverse campus community.
Contact: Neeka Pharaud,

Sustainable Garden Club
The Sustainable Garden Club is open to all students interested in organic gardening. This club is responsible for maintaining the crops and harvest from the campus garden.
Contact President: Kyler Jones,

THON is the largest student run philanthropy in the world and is run by students attending Penn State. The goal of THON is to raise money for children with cancer at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. The money raised covers all medical costs for the children, as well as cancer research. Our organization is paired with the Trevor King family. This means we also provide emotional support for this family who has been affected by childhood cancer.
Contact President: Derek Osborn,

World Language Club
The World Language Club is a student-run organization that offers great opportunities for student leadership and global awareness of the importance of other languages and cultures of the world. Through monthly meetings, cultural events, and volunteer opportunities, club members can enhance their tolerance and understanding of similar and different customs, languages, and cultures.
Contact President: Maria F. Ruiz,



Badminton Club
Contact President: Razhan Toossi,

Contact President: Susan Wolf,

Ice Hockey
Contact Coach: Shane Freeman,

Contact President: Keith Stubbs,


Contact President: Andrew Moore,