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104 Tomezsko at Penn State Brandywine

104 Tomezsko - Lounge

This lounge space has the capability to accommodate larger groups and includes an outdoor patio area.  

103 Tomezsko at Penn State Brandywine

103 Tomezsko - Auditorium

This 1200 square foot auditorium has 96 theater seats with collapsible tablet arms. 

113 Main at Penn State Brandywine

113 Main - Professional Meeting Room

This professional meeting room can accommodate several different types of events, as the tables and chairs are moveable. It also includes two Panasonic projectors. 

101 Main at Penn State Brandywine

101 Main - Auditorium

This auditorium includes 127 theater seats with collapsible tablet arms, front and back entrances and a staging area. 

203 Main at Penn State Brandywine

203 Main - Classroom

This classroom is 1,007 square feet and includes 53 tablet arm chairs and two ceiling-mounted Panasonic projectors. 

Student Union meeting rooms

Student Union - Professional Meeting Room(s)

Located in the new Student Union, this professional meeting room can accommodate larger groups and can be divided into smaller spaces with retractable walls. 

Conference Room at Penn State Brandywine

111G Main - Conference Room

This conference room is 201 square feet and has 11 seats. It includes two 50 inch LCD TVs. 

Penn State Brandywine at the Tyler Arboretum

Sustainovation Club

Penn State Brandywine recently partnered with Tyler Arboretum to promote sustainability. 

Pouladvand and Marquit of Penn State Brandywine

Pouladvand and Marquit

Psychology major Pedram Pouladvand (left) and Assistant Teaching Professor of Psychology Josh Marquit discuss survey results from their research project, which tracks the psychological effects of energy drink consumption.