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Global Programs

Global Programs

Welcome to Penn State Brandywine Global Programs, delivering distance education courses with short-term travel to destinations worldwide since 1995. Our courses are available to students at any Penn State University location. Each course in each program includes pre-travel and post-travel coursework to be completed on an independent study basis, working with the instructor through distance education technologies, on one's own schedule and at one's own pace. Travel components of the courses are 6-9 days in length, taking place during breaks in the University's academic calendar. We aim to bring international academic and immersion experiences within the financial reach of as many Penn State students as possible. Accordingly, travel arrangements through Celestial Voyagers tour agency are designed to be very affordable, and scholarship opportunities are available, including the Brandywine Global Programs Award.

For additional trip information, access the Brandywine Global Programs Student Handbook

Upcoming Trips

Korea - Summer 2017

South Korea

Penn State Brandywine Global Programs will travel to Seoul, South Korea Summer 2017.  

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French Riviera - Spring 2017


Penn State Brandywine Global Programs will travel to Provence, France Spring 2017.  

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Cuba - Spring 2017


Penn State Brandywine Global Programs will travel to Havana, Cuba Spring 2017. 

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