Majoring in English is very different than it was just a generation ago.

Today's program retains the traditional academic emphases on reading, writing, literature, and language, while encouraging the development of analytical and critical thinking, decision-making, and communications skills that make English graduates so valuable in the job market. The ability to create a minor in Business, Pre-law, or other academic areas, and the option of participating in a career internship and in the English honors program, have added flexibility and workplace readiness to an already strong liberal arts tradition at Penn State Brandywine.

You may enroll as a first-year or advanced standing/transfer student, and you may complete all required courses for the bachelor of arts degree at Penn State Brandywine. You will work closely with faculty advisers, and you may complete your program through any combination of day and evening classes.


English majors explore imaginative and practical uses of English through courses in literature, writing, rhetoric, and language. They develop perspectives on human nature and cultural values, and they learn how to gather, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information. Through an option to select a minor in American Studies, Business, Pre-law, Speech Communication, or Women's Studies, our graduates find careers in such fields as publishing, business, advertising, public relations, law, government, banking, and teaching, or they elect to continue on to graduate school.

For more information on the English degree, you may send e-mail directly to Kimberly Blockett, by clicking kdb13@psu.edu, or call her at 610-892-1376.