Study Tips

Study Tips

Study Tips from Brandywine Learning

  • Use a date book or your phone to keep track of important dates such as exams and paper due dates.
  • Write down all of your assignments and check them off as you complete them.
  • Remember to schedule time to study for exams, course reading, and homework assignments.
  • Write notes for different classes in different color pens.
  • Review your notes every night.
  • Complete all assignments, even if the professor doesn’t check them.
  • If you start to struggle or fall behind, get help.
  • Review notes with classmates and compare for anything that was missed.

Estimated minimum weekly study time

12 credits, 24 hours per week
13 credits, 26 hours per week
14 credits, 28 hours per week
15 credits, 30 hours per week
16 credits, 32 hours per week
17 credits, 34 hours per week
18 credits, 36 hours per week
19 credits, 38 hours per week

Study Groups

Study groups are a great way to review class material and stay on pace with classes. Brandywine Learning can help students form a study group for a particular class. Contact a Brandywine Learning staff member expressing your interest, and we will help you to coordinate your study group.