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Exhibition of Undergraduate Research Enterprise and Creative Accomplishment (EURECA!)

Our students' enthusiasm for their work is contagious. 

Click here to download the program abstracts (requires Acrobat Reader) or listen to some of our Eureca participants discuss their research or creative accomplishments.


Alexis Bennett discusses her Eureca project, "Flying in a Skirt: An Examination of Gender Dynamics in Comic Books".


In "Gender Terms for Married Couples on Cumberland Cemetery Tombstones", Adrienne Showalter and Paola Pedraza-Rivera discuss their research.


Michael Spering discusses his internship accomplishments in "Getting the Word Out About Free Software: A Digital Media Experience".



Image of student presenting at Eureca
Penn State Brandywine is strongly committed to promoting opportunities for students to work with scholars engaged in research.

By ‘research’, we mean not only the laboratory science, but also scholarship and creative activity. In brief, any student in any discipline may engage in research. Why do we believe research is so important to a student’s intellectual development and growth?

Image of students at Eureca

Working on research projects helps students develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, team work, and technology. Not only are students becoming adept at the methods of inquiry in their own disciplines, they may also investigate new areas of study.

One unique feature about the research environment at Penn State Brandywine is that students have the opportunity to complete research projects before their senior year.

Image of student at poster
For example, students entering into one of the science programs at Penn State can start at the Brandywine campus and gain valuable research experience during their sophomore year before transferring up to University Park to finish their degrees. We also have students that return to our campus in the summer for research experiences.


Students who complete research projects have opportunities to present their work at the annual on-campus EURECA (Exhibition of Undergraduate Research Enterprise and Creative Accomplishment), as well as at local, regional, and national professional meetings.

Image of students at poster
Some of Penn State Brandywine student projects are published in professional journals. Scholarly work of this caliber positions students well for employment, further professional education, and graduate school.


At Penn State Brandywine, we celebrate and promote undergraduate student achievement.