Student Facilities Fee Funding Request

Student Facilities Fee Funding Request

Student Facilities Fee Committee meetings are scheduled at 11:30 a.m. in 201 Tomezsko on the following dates:

Meeting: Thursday, November 12, 2015
SFF Proposal Submission Deadline: October 16, 2015

Meeting: Thursday, March 3, 2015
SFF Proposal Submission Deadline: February 19, 2016

The allocation of funds generated by the Student Facilities Fee should support the guiding principles established by Penn State to ensure its consistent administration and understanding. Please review the guiding principles below, and refer to these as you submit your request for funding.

For Commonwealth Campuses

Penn State approved a student facilities fee that can be implemented at the various campuses of the University beginning in Fall 2008. Each campus will have differing priorities or approaches to the use of this fee; however a common set of broad principles supporting this fee will assist in ensuring its consistent administration and understanding.

Guiding Principles

Funding Parameters of the Facilities Fee

  • Monies generated from the Facilities Fee will be used to accommodate improvements and expansions to non-academic, recreational and/or multi-use space for students.
  • The Facilities Fee will not be used to support on-going operational costs associated with any project.
  • The Facilities Fee will not be used to pay debt service.
  • The Facilities Fee will not be used to pay for rental agreements.
  • Monies raised from the Facilities Fee at a particular location will be used at that location.
  • Monies not used in a particular year will be carried over from year to year for use when enough funds are generated to complete an approved project. Interest will be credited (using the University’s short term rate) on an annual basis to any unused funds.
  • New facilities or modifications to current facilities will be consistent with the campus’ strategic and master physical facilities plans.

Composition of Facilities Fee Advisory Committee

  • Each campus will establish a broadly representative committee to recommend and advise the Chancellor on the proposed use of these funds.
  • Committee membership should include 4 to 6 student representatives appointed through the Student Government Association, the lead student affairs and business services officers, a representative from the Campus Senate responsible for student life and/or physical facilities issues and a representative of the development office.

Expectations of Facilities Fee Committee

  • This committee will make every effort to secure wide input into the proposed use and administration of these fees before reviewing and recommending proposals to the Chancellor.
  • This committee will provide to the campus community an annual statement regarding the disposition of the student facilities fee.

Additional Sources of Funding

A campus should make every effort to explore additional sources of financial support for any proposed capital expansion project to assist in minimizing fees charged to students.