Student Club Advisers - Requirements and Expectations

Student Club Advisers - Requirements and Expectations


Student Organizations are designed to enhance the out-of-class experience for students. An adviser is very important to the success of a student organization. Advisers serve to guide student organization members through the process of effectively operating an organization. In addition, advisers act as confidantes in both individual and organizational-related matters. Advisers can render knowledge about the organization's history and tradition and can be a valuable source of information. Finally, whether assigned or volunteered, it is important to remember that an adviser devotes a significant portion of their time to making the students’ experience at Penn State a rewarding one. To become an adviser, the faculty or staff member must attend student leader and adviser training and complete the necessary forms in the office of student activities and student government association.

Requirements and Expectations

These requirements and expectations were developed to guide the adviser through process and enhance the effectiveness, quality of rapport and satisfaction of students and adviser.


Advisers should attend regularly scheduled special meetings of their organizations.

Advisers should meet on a regular basis with the executive officers for the following purposes:

  • To assist with the development of organizational programs.
  • To discuss organizational goals and direction.
  • To discuss the financial status, including the identification of problems and their potential solutions, and the identification of financial strengths and means of perpetuating them.
  • To discuss internal organization difficulties – communication, delegation, etc. and their resolutions.
  • To be available to meet with officers and or members when they request help.
  • To strongly encourage their organization to adhere to the policy and rules of the University and obeying laws of the Commonwealth and nation.
  • To provide constructive criticism when deemed necessary and appropriately acknowledge organizational successes.
  • To engage in general discussion of organizational matters but not to dominate conversation or be the focus of attention.


  • Attend official functions of the organization.
  • Know the names of organization members.
  • Be familiar with Penn State policies and rules for student organizations to assist with problem solving more effectively.
  • Be aware of additional services offered on campus for students.
  • Be aware of the commitment of time and effort to be a successful adviser and not accept the appointment unless prepared to fulfill the expectations.
  • Show enthusiasm and interest in the student organization.
  • Be receptive to feedback from the group.

Student Club/ Organization Registration Agreement

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the registration of ALL Penn State Brandywine student clubs/organizations. Only registered clubs/organizations will be recognized as an affiliate of Penn State Brandywine. A copy of this form, club constitution and member list will be kept on file in by the Office of Student Affairs.