Starting a New Club Checklist

Starting a New Club Checklist

The Office of Student Affairs has created the checklist below to assist you in the process of starting a new club/organization.

  • Submit a Student Club/Organization Registration Agreement and Identify Club Officers
    This form must include what organization you are registering (new or renew a defunct organization), name of the organization, three officers/executive board members and the faculty/staff adviser which your organization has selected.
  • Submit a Constitution
    The sample template can be utilized as a guideline. Information in your constitution does not have to be limited to the items listed on the template. Remember, it is the club/organization’s responsibility to submit an updated constitution if revisions are made.
  • Identify and Recruit an Adviser
    All clubs/organizations seeking registration must have a faculty/staff adviser. This person is important and can play as active of a role as needed by your organization. Keep in mind that your adviser’s experience and expertise is an asset to your club/organization when considering his/her level of activeness. It is important to choose your adviser carefully and consult with them regularly for assistance, as well as keep them informed.
    Adviser Criteria: The adviser must be a member of the Penn State Brandywine faculty/staff; someone who is available and committed to assisting you, has knowledge of or desires to learn more about your organization and is able to get along with your members. You will find a sample guideline of the adviser’s role within an organization here.
  • Submit Adviser Approval Form
  • Submit All the COMPLETED Above Listed Paperwork to the Office of Student Affairs
    It is important that ALL of the necessary information in this Registration Packet is complete before being submitted to the Office of Student Affairs. Those club/organizations who submit incomplete packets will be sent an email from the Associate Director of Student Affairs requesting for the pick-up and resubmission of the packet.
  • Wait for Approval
    Upon receipt of a complete Registration Packet, your club/organization will be processed. You will be notified by email regarding your registration approval.

If you are registering a Club Sport, the following steps must be added to your checklist:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Associate Director of Student Affairs and the Athletic Director
    This meeting will discuss the risk standards of your proposed Club Sport as outlined by the University and should be arranged prior to the completion of your Registration Packet.
  • Work with the Athletic Director to identify a Coach and Safety Officer
    Coaches and Safety Officers play a major role in the functioning of your Club Sport and have special standards to meet as required by the University. The Athletics Office will share the specifics related to what standards one must meet in order to function as your Coach and Safety Officer.
  • Complete an Assumption of Risk and a Participation Agreement Form
    Every member of your Club Sport is required to complete both the Assumption of Risk and Participation Agreement forms in order to participate. These completed forms are to be submitted at the time of application for registration. Members added after registration, must submit his/her forms before officially joining the club.

Once registered, the following privileges and services are available to Clubs/Organizations:

  1. Use of Penn State Brandywine’s name on and off campus
  2. Use of facilities to hold events, activities, meetings and programs
  3. Recruiting of membership on campus
  4. Claiming affiliation with Penn State Brandywine
  5. Participation in Club Rush (Involvement Fairs)
  6. Participation in the Council of Club Presidents ANGEL Group
  7. Ability to fundraise on and off campus with approval through the Office of Student Affairs
  8. Use of the Club Room, color printing, arts and crafts supplies as well as resource library materials

You will find regulations set by Penn State Brandywine for clubs/organizations including registration, adviser commitment, recognition process, posting policy, requirements for recognition, responsibilities for registered organizations, etc. contained in the Club and Organization Handbook located in the Office of Student Affairs. In addition to the print and online resources provided, the Office of Student Affairs is also available for you to utilize as a resource throughout the process and the year.

When making changes to your constitution, officers, adviser, etc. call Student Affairs at 610-892-1321, email us at or visit us on the 2nd floor of the Commons Building.