Djuradj Stakic

Professor Emeritus , Human Development and Family Studies

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Djuradj Stakic received his B.S. in Psychology (1971), and his Ph.D. in Special Education and Clinical Psychology (1980)from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Stakic’s research interests include developmental-clinical psychology, juvenile justice and clinical social work interventions, all focused on empowering disadvantaged children, youth and families. He is also the leading expert for the reform of national juvenile justice and child protection systems in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as consultant to other counties of Eastern Europe in processes of democratic transition. His students at Penn State-Brandywine enjoy the opportunity to learn from their teacher’s “in vivo experience,” to participate in creating policies and strategies, as well as to re-evaluate outcomes of their professor’s projects. Students particularly enjoy meetings and discussions with international scholars and their students from all around the globe, including the UK, Germany, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, and elsewhere, who visit PSU Brandywine on a regular basis.

Dr. Stakic has published more than ninety single-author works, including 11 books, 9 book chapters and over 70 single-author journal articles.

Selected Recent Publications

Selected Books:

Stakic, D. & Stakic, M. (2007) , Ethical and Psychological Aspects of Police Work with Children in Conflict with the Law, Manual for Police Officers for Children in Conflict with the Law, (183 pages), UNICEF, Belgrade, Serbia.

Stakic, D. & Stakic, M. (2006), Planning and Programming Therapeutic Interventions with Children and Youth with Disorders in Behavior, Emotional and Social Development, Manual for Professionals in Social Work and Juvenile Justice Field, (176 pages), Ministry of Justice, Belgrade, Serbia

Stakic, D., M. Stakic, A. Bodiroza, S. Stakic, (2004) Social WorkEthical Dilemmas and Challenges, Manual for Professionals in Social Work Field, (185 pages), Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy, Belgrade, Serbia

Selected Book Chapters:

Stakic, D. (2008), Wraparound Programs and Social Inclusion of Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law, In Conduct Disorders in the Educational System, Radovanovic and all, University of Belgrade, School of Special Education, Belgrade, Serbia

Stakic, D. (2003), Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Conceptual and Methodological Framework, 17 pp, In Strategies of Governmental Reaction on Crime, Radovanovic and all, Belgrade Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research, Ministry of Interior Affairs of Republic of Serbia and Society of Criminal Law and Criminology of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Selected Journal Articles:

Stakic, D. (2008), The Power of the Weak: Strength and Empowerment Oriented Interventions, Social Work Theory and Practice, Bemidji State University and Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia, Special 20th Anniversary Edition (In Press);

Stakic, D. (2007), Forensic Interview with Children and Youth Victim of Abuse, Neglect and Violence, Special Education and Rehabilitation (Special Edition), 234-251, Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Serbia