Parents and Families

Parents and Families

Welcome to our Penn State Brandywine family! As you watch your student take the big leap into college life, it is natural to feel a range of emotions. Relief, joy, a tinge of sadness? This new chapter in your lives brings both excitement and challenges. Here are a few guidelines for making this transition time a win/win for everyone:

  • Give your student the freedom to grow into the college experience. If he/she is still living at home, now is the time to discuss new roles and expectations.
  • Your student will have the greatest chance for academic success by making his/her studies the top priority. That said, many of our students need to find a way to achieve a balance between school, jobs, family responsibilities, and a social life. Encourage your student to manage time and energy wisely.
  • Co-curricular activities - athletics, clubs, organizations - are a valuable component of the total college experience. Getting involved in campus life has been proven to raise one's overall level of satisfaction.

Parents and families, we invite you to be active participants in campus life as well. To keep up-to-date on campus activities, sign up for Lion Bytes, a monthly e-newsletter filled with stories about our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and events, and join our Facebook and Twitter groups.

Special Delivery

Sending your Penn State student a gift from the heart is simple with our "Special Delivery" treats. They are the perfect surprise for any occasion. Each gift includes your personalized message. We offer items for birthdays, Halloween, Finals Boost, Valentine's Day, or just because.

Why: Living away from home, classes, and studying can take a lot out of your student. Cheer your student up with a birthday cake, desserts, and snacks. Your student will enjoy the surprise, and love knowing that you are thinking of them.

How: Complete the online form to select and send your gift. Please note — orders require a minimum of a 5 business day lead and are only available for pick-up Monday-Friday.

When/Where: Your student will be notified by email that a Special Delivery surprise is ready for pick up. Gifts will be available for pickup at the Housing and Food Services Office.

Order Special Delivery online