Nurses on Board!

Nurses on Board!

Empowering Nurse Leadership and Advancing Community Health

Leadership Empowerment Program  

Nurses on Board

Nurses on Board!
Empowering Nurse Leadership and Advancing Community Health 

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This leadership empowerment program is designed to build the leadership competencies required for nurses to serve as effective board members in community health organizations. Program participants will be paired with a nurse mentor for face-to-face sessions. All participants will be required to complete the following web-based leadership modules.

3 web-based modules- 4 hours each = 12 hours total of web-based training

Empowering Yourself as a Leader

  • Intro to Nurses on Board!
  • Leadership Self-Assessment
  • Habits of Self-Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Board Leadership Competency: Team Building
  • Board Leadership Competency: Creative Problem-Solving
  • Social Responsibility and Board Leadership

Empowering Yourself as a Communicator

  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • Managing Conflicting Points of View
  • Communicating Change
  • Making Your Voice Heard: Persuasion
  • Building Your Personal Network

Empowering Yourself as a Board Member

  • Why Nurses Make Great Board Members
  • Board Basics
  • Board Leadership Competency - Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Board Leadership Competency - Strategic Planning
  • Mentor- Mentee Relationship

Upon completion of the web-based training modules, participants will earn a digital badge in Empowering Nurse Leadership. Ceu’s are available.

Participants will have 90 days to complete all three modules. Cost is $300 per person.