Start off your college career on the right foot by participating in this summer program where you will work with peer tutors to improve your writing and math skills. This individualized program will help prepare you for your first English and mathematics courses as well as teach you fundamental skills all freshmen should possess before their first day of classes. 

  • Lay a firm foundation in mathematics
  • Bring your writing skills up to speed
  • Learn skills for a successful freshmen year
  • Meet other Penn State students

Launch is a part of Penn State Brandywine's Summer Bridge Programs and offers individualized, flexible tutoring sessions that allow students to come and go as needed.
Register for LAUNCH

Contact Christine Brown, Brandywine learning coordinator, at 610-892-1463, or Janeen Madison, STEM lab coordinator, at 610-892-1422 to set up an opportunity to discuss your placement scores, high school grades and SAT scores, and what to do to start your freshmen year off right.

Take hold of your future and LAUNCH into the new year!

This is not a course and there is a nominal fee associated with LAUNCH.

Hours of Operation

Launch will fit into your busy
summer schedule. You are not
required to come every day or
stay the entire day. You can adapt
your Launch schedule around
your other summer commitments
and obligations.

June 25 through July 26 (closed July 4) 
Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Fridays

Further Questions Contact:

Christine Brown
Brandywine Learning Coordinator

Janeen Madison
STEM Lab Coordinator