Taking our Courses

Taking our Courses

Brandywine Global Programs Credit Courses- Generally, at least one third of the course work must be completed prior to the trip, one third of the course work completed during the trip, and one third of the course work completed after the trip. Note that under-enrolled classes may be canceled and students will be notified.

These are University-Sponsored Tours, open only to Penn State faculty and students.

Follow our Registration Instructions to register.

Students wishing to register for six credits (two courses) on a trip must first have the approval of both instructors. (Because of course requirements on the trip, it is not always physically possible to fulfill the on-site requirements of two courses.) Once the student has the approval of the two instructors, the student must also obtain the approval of his/her academic adviser and the Director of Academic Affairs, Dr. Cynthia Lightfoot (bw-daa@psu.edu). Students must also have the approval of the Director of Academic Affairs if adding a trip course puts their credit level above 18 credits.

For information about travel arrangements, contact Celestial Voyagers at 1-516-829-1525 or go to their website, http://celestialvoyagers.com/.

For academic information contact instructors of courses or Lisa Yanonis at 610-892-1413 (lay10@psu.edu). Price includes airfare and hotel double or triple occupancy. See trip details.