Brandywine Emergency Scholarship Fund

Brandywine Emergency Scholarship Fund

The Brandywine Emergency Scholarship Fund seeks to alleviate the burden of student debt by offering tuition support to Brandywine students who experience an unforeseen financial hardship. This fund also provides vital resources for Brandywine to offer honors and housing scholarships, which raises the academic profile of our campus. 

All proceeds from the 50th Anniversary Gala directly benefit the Brandywine Emergency Scholarship Fund. 

Brandywine’s Student Population:

  • 25% | First-generation college students
  • 40% | Racially diverse 
  • 11% | Non-traditional students earning their first college degree
  • 26% | Work 16-20 hours a week
  • 80% | Receive financial aid
  • $7,746 | Average unmet student-need
  • $36,000 | Average debt at graduation

Your donation, no matter the size, has a personal impact on Brandywine students by providing resources needed in their pursuit of a Penn State education. 

To make an online donation in honor of the 50th Anniversary Gala to the Brandywine Emergency Scholarship Fund, visit our event page.