ENGL 005: Writing Tutorial

ENGL 005: Writing Tutorial

The Writing Studio offers ENGL 005, a one-credit tutorial course, to provide weekly individual tutoring for students enrolled in ENGL 004 and ENGL 015. Students attend one hour of tutoring (two 30-minutes sessions per week are best) with the same tutor to work on their ENGL 004 or ENGL 015 assignments. ENGL 005 promotes educational opportunity at Penn State Brandywine and supports the campus in its mission to recruit and retain motivated students who will lead productive lives.

Goals of ENGL 005

  • We help students become more motivated, confident, and independent thinkers and writers.
  • We help students take responsibility for their writing by encouraging their full participation in tutorial sessions.
  • We help students improve their overall writing skills through effective strategies for all phases of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.
  • We create a non-threatening, empowering writing space to enhance students’ educational achievement.
  • We support and complement students’ classroom activities by working with instructors.

How To Sign Up

Register for ENGL 005 when you register for classes and come to the Writing Studio during the first week of classes to schedule your weekly tutorial sessions. ENGL 005 must be taken in conjunction with ENGL 004 or ENGL 015. If you are interested in regular appointments at the Writing Studio and are not taking ENGL 005, please visit our Make an Appointment page to learn about how to schedule your appointments.

Contact the Writing Studio if you have any questions about ENGL 005.