Please call Counseling Services at 610-892-1270 to schedule an appointment. New clients should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their intake session to complete necessary paperwork.

Counseling Services starts with a 15-20 minute in-person triage screening appointment with the clinical counselor or a clinical trainee/intern to assess the nature and urgency of the student's concern so that we can arrange the most appropriate next step to help.

At the end of this meeting, appropriate options will be reviewed with you. These could include an appointment for an initial meeting to pursue counseling at Counseling Services, and/or referral to other resources on campus or in the community. Crisis and urgent situations are addressed as needed and may involve collaboration with the Office of Safety and Police.

Counseling Services offers short-term counseling. If a student is interested in a longer term therapy relationship, we can help to offer referrals and advise on arranging services in the community.

NOTE: Students should not pursue Counseling Services for the sole purpose of obtaining a letter of support. Counseling Services does not provide letters at the time of an initial consultation and cannot provide documentation regarding a student's mental health without a history of services during the specified time period. If necessary, students are encouraged to seek letters of support from individuals directly involved in their care such as past or present psychological/psychiatric providers, medical doctors, or family members.