Common Read - FAQ

Common Read - FAQ

How is the book chosen?
The Common Read Committee chose this year's book and has chosen past books. The criteria in choosing a book has been the following:

  • Contain current relevant themes that touch on many different topics.
  • Prompt inquiry, reflection and discourse
  • Be available in paperback
  • Be lively and engaging reading (highly readable, not too long)

We hope to invite the college community, faculty, staff, and students, to make the final decision by choosing next year's book via an online vote.

Will I be reading the book in my classes?
The classes that will be using the Common Read vary from year to year based on the title selected.  For the most part, English 15 tends to use the book in their classes.

Where can I obtain a copy of the book?
This year's book is available in the campus bookstore, at your local bookstores and most on-line vendors.