"A Journey to the Past at Penn State Brandywine"

Pratt Farm circa 1875

Circa 1875

Image: Delaware County Historical Society

Follow the results of Phyllis Cole and her American Studies students who have, for more than a decade, been researching the nineteenth-century history of our land and neighborhood. Starting from the site of the new student union—a dairy-farmer’s house--move out to Yearsley Mill, Tyler Arboretum, the Quaker meetinghouses and Cumberland Cemetery. Along the way meet some of the characters and scenes they have discovered:  an ice-cream producing social reformer, a protesting wife, a religious community divided, a reconciling place of burial, a miller struggling to survive, a traveling woman preacher, and more.

You can find this excellent, well-researched overview of the history of our campus property, the surrounding area and prominent families who shaped local history here.