ACS Staff Profiles

ACS Staff Profiles

We hope you'll enjoy reading our profiles. You'll notice the twisting and winding path we followed to land our dream jobs here at Penn State Brandywine.  We each, in our own way, explored many options - through coursework and internships and with the help of role models, advisers and career counselors.

Through trial and error (or exploration and elimination), we were each able to find our way.  It is because of our experiences that we are eager to advise, coach and mentor Penn Staters who come for Advising and Career Services.

Image of Robin Stokes as a child

Robin Stokes, M.Ed. Counseling Education, Director of ACS

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher Mrs Kushuba suggested I become a safety patrol, and co-captain of our student patrol team, complete with bright orange sash, shiny silver badge, and safety flag that I brandished with aplomb. Read more about Robin Stokes »


Image of Christine Allen as a child

Christine Allen, M.S. Counseling, Coordinator of Career Services

When I was in first grade, I wanted to be a crossing guard "when I grew up" just like my mom.  By third grade, I moved on to higher aspirations and decided I wanted to be a flight attendant. Read more about Christine Allen »


Khalica as a young girl

Khalica Collins, M.A. Counseling Academic Adviser

As a young girl growing up in Queens, NY, I was highly influenced by the art of dance and music! My parents would always catch me singing with the broom, creating a music group with friends (En Vogue), or practicing Janet Jackson's new dance moves. 

Read more about Khalica Collins »


Image of Jenn Traubel as a child

Jenn Traubel, M.S. Higher Education Counseling, Academic Adviser

As a little girl I had the typical little girl ideas of what I'd be when I grew up - teacher, nurse, tea party hostess.  My "students", "patients" and "party guests" were always pleased with my abilities. Read more about Jenn Traubel »