Steps to Take Following the Fair

Steps to Take Following the Fair

Student speaking with an employer at the career fair

Student speaking with an employer at the career fair.

Image: Penn State

Now that you’ve met with employers, be sure to take the initiative in following through!

Access the Employer Directory for instructions on how to apply after the fair and other details..

Fair Follow-up

  • Send thank you emails to those employers of highest interest.
  • Even though you provided your resume, you should still apply online or via email for more visibility and prove your genuine interest. Start by looking on the PSU job board, Nittany Lion Career Network. You may need to apply another way, so be in the know by checking the Employer Directory for “How to apply”.
  • Look for emails from employers and respond promptly, even if you are not interested. Show them the courtesy of a reply or it will reflect poorly on you for future opportunities (see below for more advice).
  • Follow up after 2 weeks or so to express your continued interest and inquire about the status of the position. Don’t assume that, because they haven’t contacted you, they’re not interested in you. Take the initiative to follow up with an email or phone call!
  • Prepare for interviews and know how to respond to an offer. 

Sample Thank You Note

Dear Ms. Compton,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Career Fair at Penn State Brandywine and learn more about ABC Company and the wonderful Marketing internship you offer. I’m extremely interested in being considered for this position and hope to have the opportunity for an interview. 

As you may recall, I have experience through the Marketing club on campus with utilizing various social media platforms to advertise campus events, as well as proficiency in the use of Publisher and Photoshop for developing creative and effective marketing materials. My resume is attached for your convenience. 

I look forward to hearing from you and would consider it a privilege to work for an organization such as ABC Company, known for your excellence in serving client needs using the latest marketing platforms and technology.


(your name)

Applying for Positions after the Fair

Now that you’ve shared your resume at the fair, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to apply online or send your resume via email. Some employers may have instructed you. If you have not been instructed, go ahead and follow up by formally applying. This could give your resume more visibility. There are various ways to apply: the PSU job board (try this first), the employer application site or emailing the employer directly if their contact information was provided (at the fair or in the Directory). 

Finding Postings on Nittany Lion Career Network

Login via NLCN. 1) Click on Employers from menu, then 2) Employer Directory. Next to keyword, type the organization name and check the name box. A list of matches will appear. 3) Select the organization from the list then 4) click on Available positions. If you cannot find a posting on NLCN, look in the directory to see if the employer has specified another website for applying.

When uploading your material to NLCN (PSU job board), you can upload up to 10 different documents (including resumes, cover letters, transcript, letter of recommendation, etc.). When you apply through the system, you select which documents to attach for that specific position. You will designate one of your resumes as primary, which indicates the version that employers will see if they login and download resumes. Employers may reach out to you if they discover you this way. Do not set your resume to private if you want to potentially be discovered this way.

Responding to Employer Invitations for an Interview

If you’re interested, congratulations!  Be sure to prepare as noted below, dress professionally and show up early!  Follow up with thank you notes to all. 

If you are not interested, respond and politely let them know that you “have decided to pursue another path” or you are “not able to pursue this opportunity at this time” and/or “would be very interested in being considered in the future.” Thank them for reaching out but do not simply ignore their email or phone call as it reflects poorly on you and on Penn State.

Preparing for the Interview

All students and alumni have free access to a great resource to help you prepare via Click on Register to setup your free account. Click on the play button under “Resources” for video tips from experts. You can also practice your interview answers using your webcam. Under “Conduct an Interview”, setup a Custom Interview by selecting 10 questions related to your career goals. Your webcam records your answers so you can watch how you present yourself to recruiters. Take advantage of this wonderful tool! You can also schedule to meet with Christine Allen for a practice interview session.

Researching Employers in Preparation for Interviews

Be sure to do further research on employers before the interview. Know their mission, goals and business. Start with their website then advance to, and Library databases Hoovers and Uniworld.

Responding to an Offer 

When offered a position, express your gratitude and enthusiasm, ask questions that will help inform your decision. Once questions are answered, you may ask for a day or even a week to consider all your options. Employers should grant you a bit of time, but not usually more than 2 weeks. This is especially helpful if there is another employer you hope to hear from. It’s not appropriate to accept an offer and then tell them later that you’ve changed your mind. It’s best to communicate honestly with employers but without mentioning other organization names.  If you prefer another organization, reach out to them and explain the situation. Once you receive a written offer and accept in writing, it’s professional to inform any other prospective employers that you’re no longer in the search process.

Should I notify Career Services if I get hired?

Yes, please do! If you were hired for a job (p/t or f/t), complete:

If you were offered an internship and accept it, complete (whether or not you will be earning credit).

We look forward to hearing about your success! If you need assistance, call 610-892-1390 or come to 104 Main to schedule an appointment with Career Coach, Christine Allen.