Research Development Grant

Research Development Grant

Research Development Grant Request

Symbols, such as those in chemistry, mathematics, etc., are not supported. If your proposal contains this type of formatting, please send your Word document as an attachment to the Director of Academic Affairs. However, budgetary information should be entered into this online form.

Directions for completing the online RDG form.

  1. Please use Microsoft Word to compose the Objectives, Significance, and Budget Explanation. You can then copy and paste these items into the form.
  2. Information is required in four sections of the form before it is processed: your email address, the budget totals row, the request for course release (y/n), the request for an undergradute research stipend.
  3. Other sections may be left blank if the information is not needed in your proposal.
  4. The form does not automatically total the values entered into the budget section. Please total these values manually and enter them into the appropriate areas.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit the proposal.
e-mail Address (required):
Title of Proposed Project:
Objectives of this Research Development Proposal:
Significance of this Research Development Proposal:
Previous RDG Support:

I am requesting a course release (required) Yes | No
If requesting course release, please indicate which year and semester:
This application, if approved, will require additional campus support (check all that apply):
Instructional Design
Instructional Technology
Secretarial Assistance
Details of Other checked above:

I am requesting an undergraduate research stipend (required) Yes | No
If requesting an undergraduate research stipend, dollar amount (not to exceed $500 per student) must be entered below and the following information must be completed.
Title of the Proposed Project (if different than the Research Development Grant project).
Objectives(s): What will the student seek to accomplish?
Plan of Study (Procedures): What will the student be expected to do?
If known, please complete the following information on the student performing the research.
Student First Name:
Student Last Name:
Student Access ID: | Penn State Student ID:

  Total Research Development Funds Needed Other Sources Amount Requested from Campus
Undergraduate Research Stipend
(Each column total required)
Budget Explanation:
Details for Other listed above:
Details for Other(2) listed above:
Details for Other(3) listed above: