Letters Of Recommendation

Letters Of Recommendation

Individual Letters

When you are applying to a professional program for medical sciences (medical school, dental school, physical therapy, physician's assistant, etc.), you will need to obtain a MINIMUM of three letters from professors who can evaluate your academic performance.

It is also helpful to obtain letters from people who know you in a professional capacity as well as letters from people in the medical field you wish to enter.

These letters will help the admissions offices get a picture of who you are and what you'll bring to their programs.


Contact the person you're asking to write you a letter by phone or email before sending them the links or forms to complete.

If a recommendation needs to be mailed, provide an addressed, stamped envelope.

Before You Ask:

  1. Think about whether this person can write you a meaningful letter. Did you earn an A in their class? Do they know who you are?
  2. Realize that if you weren't an outstanding student, that will be reflected in the letter that is written -- just because someone agrees to write you a letter of recommendation doesn't mean that the letter will be a glowing endorsement of your application.
  3. Respect the decision of the person who says they can't write a letter for you. It is in your best interest to find someone else to write a letter for you.