Pathway to Success (PaSSS)

Pathway to Success (PaSSS)

Pathway to Success Summer Start (PaSSS) program is an opportunity for invited first-year student to get a head start on your Penn State education in an innovative learning atmosphere. 

The program awards all selected participants a scholarship of $250 per credit for the summer classes. This is a total of $1,500 your first summer (6 credits) and $3,000 your second summer (12 credits). For a grand total of $4,500 in savings towards your college education!

What is Pathway to Success?

Pathway to Success (PaSSS) is an opportunity for select new students to start their Penn State career in a small college atmosphere with all the larger University opportunities. PaSSS is only for first-year students offered admission to our campus and is available only during Summer Session II (June 28 through August 10).

The PaSSS program will allow you to:

  • Get a head start on your Penn State University experience early this summer at Penn State Brandywine.
  • Fulfill two valuable general education requirements that apply toward your degree.
  • Have the opportunity to work on campus and earn even more money.
  • Be assigned a student and faculty mentor to help you in your transition to college through the summer and beyond.
  • Make new friends, go on exciting field trips, work with lively, enthusiastic faculty, experience something new every day, and become a member of Brandywine’s dynamic learning community.

How does it work?

Students will select two courses: one class from Art 010 (GA) Introduction to Visual Studies or Biology 120A (GN) Plants, Places, and People, and one class from Philosophy 132 (GH) Introduction to Bioethics or Gaming 160 (GH) Introduction to Video Game Culture.

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