London and Liverpool - Fall 2017

London and Liverpool - Fall 2017

The Arts in London and Liverpool

Brandywine Global Programs travel courses combine a focused academic study with an immersive travel experience abroad. Any Penn State student can enroll in our courses as they are offered in a distance-education format through Canvas/email.

Paul Greene

Distance Education and Immersion Travel: London and Liverpool

Travel component: November 18 - 25, 2017
Travel specifics and excursion tours: Celestial Voyagers Homepage

INART 001 /ARTH 100 (GA) The Arts, 3 credits

Contact Professor Paul Greene

AMST 105 / ENGL 105 (GH) American Popular Culture and Folklife, 3 credits

Contact Professor Patricia Hillen

This trip is pending approval and subject to change. 


Courses are delivered as distance education/independent study together with immersion travel. All students are required to register for a minimum of one credit to participate in our global programs, and a 1-credit independent study is available for each destination. Full-time students can register for these courses without paying additional tuition. The tour agency Celestial Voyagers provides airfare and lodging. Tour costs and specifics: Celestial Voyagers and 516-829-1525. 

Scholarship opportunities are available. For more information, visit the Global Programs Homepage, or email Dr. Greene or email Lisa Yanonis. All students must be at least 18 years old during the period of travel and pass a Judicial Affairs review. Our campus also offers the International Studies Minor.

All international travel associated with Penn State Brandywine Global Programs courses requires a passport, and in some cases also a visa. Since required documentation may differ, depending on destination or student's citizenship status, students should check with Celestial Voyagers regarding necessary documentation. Please note that passports and visas are not quickly processed. It will not be possible to travel without the required documentation.