Brandywine Global Programs faculty represent many disciplines and fields of study, ranging from Education to Kinesiology to Engineering to Business. All share a commitment to the educational value of embedding focused immersion experiences in foreign countries within courses.

Faculty Handbook for Brandywine Global Programs

Brian Barringer, Instructor in Biology, Ireland Program
Kimberly Blockett, Associate Professor of English, Paris Program
Lori Elias, Instructor in Marketing, Ireland Program
Paul D. Greene, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and Integrative Arts and Coordinator of Brandywine International Programs, Paris Program
Patricia Hillen, Senior Instructor of English and American Studies, and Assistant Director of Academic Affairs of Brandywine Campus, Ireland Program
Laura Guertin, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, Puerto Rico Program
Cynthia Lightfoot, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Ireland Program
Barbara Rostick, Instructor of Kinesiology, Ireland Program

Global Programs Committee

  • Paul D. Greene, Chair and Coordinator
  • Deborah Erie 
  • Ivan E. Esparragoza
  • Patricia Hillen
  • Mike McDade
  • Deborah Ousey 
  • Ben Park 
  • Barbara Rostick 
  • Michael Sturm 
  • Lisa Yanonis