Facilities Request

Facilities Request

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Interoffice Facility Reservation Request



Please fill out the form completely to help the support departments assist you in making your program a success.

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Activity Information

* If your activity is taking place after normal business hours and will have more than 50 participants, an additional fee will be charged. If needed, view a campus room/facility chart. (use your browser's back arrow to return to this page).

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Room Arrangement and Food Service

All changes to an existing room arrangement must be approved by the Office of Physical Plant (610-892-1217). Two weeks advance notice is required for all changes to room set-up, and maintenance fees will be charged.

All changes must be coordinated through the Office of Physical Plant.

All catering arrangements must be made directly with Dee's Kitchen at (610) 361-7556 or via e-mail at melanie@prontocc.com. You will be billed directly by Dee's Kitchen.

Special Requests
(e.g. ice, trash cans, picnic tables)


Two weeks advance notice is required. Directional signs should only be requested for outside organizations or for programs that are open to the general public.

Directional signs should be placed by:

Audio Visual and Computer Equipment

Two weeks advance notice required (e.g. overhead projector, video projector, laptop, etc.)

Additional Information



In considering the assignment of space, University funding, or the approval of publicity, including banners, for student activities involving sexually explicit or graphically violent material, consideration shall be given to general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs of members of the University community, including whether the content of the activity, or its publicity, is lewd, or obscene.

1. Student events scheduled after regular business hours must have at least one staff person present for the duration of the program(s).

2. Facilities will only be used for non-profit, charitable purposes.

3. All programs should be conducted in such a manner as not to produce excessive noise that may be disruptive to others.

4. Decorations, signs and other materials must not be attached to the walls, windows, doors, painted or papered surfaces of the building. If you need to display items, please talk with the Assistant Director of Business Services about alternative ways of doing so.

5. University buildings are smoke and alcohol free buildings.

6. Reserved space must be left the way you found it. All materials, including food and drink, must be removed or placed into trash containers. Failure to do so will result in charges to your student club or organization for cleanup time.

7. All meetings and events must commence and terminate at the appointed beginning and end times.

8. Penn State Brandywine will not be responsible for materials or equipment left in the building overnight, during breaks, or after events.

9. Penn State Brandywine furniture and equipment must be moved by our employees. You will be charged for damages that occur when not following this policy.

10. Penn State Brandywine is not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by any persons as a result of a room reservation and/or activities sponsored by the reserving organizations. These incidents should, however, be reported to Campus Security, by dialing 610-892-1215

11. Club/Organization must comply with all applicable University policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. Violations of policies may result in the loss of reservation privileges, charges or both, whichever is appropriate.

Completion of this form does not create a reservation for and does not constitute University approval or confirmation of the use of the requested facilities until such time as: (1) all relevant portions of this form have been completed and submitted and (2) you have received an e-mail confirmation back from an authorized representative of the University.

By clicking "I AGREE" below, I am acknowledging that I have read and agree to abide by the Penn State Delaware County Facility Reservation Guidelines described herein. There should be no contracts or publicity for the event(s) until I have received e-mail confirmation for the space requested.