Credit Programs

Credit Programs

Degree and Certificate Programs are available at Penn State Brandywine to meet the needs of the working professional in the business and healthcare fields. Two types of programs are available to adult learners: certificate programs and degree programs.

Certificate programs are ideal for people who want to set smaller, more immediate educational goals. A certificate program can be the gateway to a college degree or useful for career advancement. To learn more, please visit the Certificate Program homepage.

Undergraduate degree programs provide adult learners with the baccalaureate degree credential necessary for upward mobility and professional advancement. The regional and national statistics highlight the impact of achieving a college degree.

  • Adults who possess a college degree will earn 81 percent more than a high school graduate.
  • The Occupational Employment Statistics Survey indicates that jobs requiring a bachelor's degree will grow about 17 percent, and jobs requiring a master's degree are projected to increase by 18 percent. 
  • In Pennsylvania alone, it is projected that by 2018, 1.2 million jobs, or 57 percent, will require a bachelor's degree.

Wherever you are along your educational path and professional journey, Penn State Brandywine has a degree or certificate plan to help you achieve your goals.  To view the programs available, please select your program of interest from the left-hand column or submit a "Request for Information" form.