Clinical Social Work & Counseling Training Program

Clinical Social Work & Counseling Training Program

Internships: Social Work, Counseling, and Student Affairs

The Social Work and Counseling Internship program at Penn State Brandywine provides clinical training in a wide range of mental health issues as well as health and wellness outreach programming that is specific to college student populations. The Counseling Services Department (BCS) is committed to a multidisciplinary training model and is open to advanced graduate students in Clinical Social Work and Counseling and/or Counseling Psychology.

Brandywine's Counseling Services Social Work and Counseling Internships enable the acquisition of competencies necessary for the practice of social work and counseling in college and university counseling centers, college student mental health and with the emerging adult population. The interns are trained in developing the following skills: interview assessment, case conceptualization, therapeutic intervention, consultation and crisis intervention, case management, understanding of university systems, as well as developing outreach programming on a variety of health and wellness concerns and initiatives. There is also a Student Affairs track in which Higher Education graduate students can gain valuable experience in outreach and college campus-based programming (see below).

Social Work and Counseling Interns:

a) Two positions (both 21 hours/3 days per week of intern experience). Expected hours of direct clinical work will vary according to availability of assignments and required number of clinical hours as mandated by the graduate programs. These internships include experience with initial assessments, ongoing short-term solution-focused counseling, emergency assessments, mental health consultation, possible couples and/or group work, and at least 50% of internship time dedicated to campus outreach and programming initiatives.

b) Other training activities include: weekly Counseling Services Department staff meetings, weekly individual supervision and possible group supervision as well, clinical administration and case management, crisis intervention, case presentations, and possible didactic seminars.

Student Affairs/Higher Education Outreach Interns:

a) Two positions (one 8 hours per week, the other 21 hours per week) of intern experience; These positions are dedicated to assisting with the provision of campus outreach and health/wellness programming. Interns in this track will create, update, and distribute brochures, pamphlets, and posters, as well as create presentations on health/wellness topics and assist in presenting programming to the students, faculty, and staff throughout campus.

These positions will also work closely with Student Affairs staff and be exposed to advertising of Counseling Services events online at websites such as the Penn State Brandywine website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, interns will collaborate with, and possibly to some degree supervise, work-study/student workers who will assist in developing and promulgating outreach programming and campus-based projects to the Brandywine campus.  

b) Other training activities include: weekly Counseling Services Department staff meetings, weekly individual administrative supervision and possible group supervision as well, presentations, and possible didactic seminars.


Penn State Brandywine Counseling Services currently works with local graduate programs directly to recruit interns for our program. If interested, please contact your graduate program field coordinator to inquire further.