Be A Lion

Be A Lion

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BE A LION is an opportunity for you as a first-year student to get a head start on your Penn State Brandywine education in an innovative learning atmosphere.


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Begin your university experience this summer at Penn State Brandywine. Choose your pride and fulfill two valuable general education requirements that apply to your degree. Make new friends, go on exciting field trips, work with lively, enthusiastic faculty, experience something new every day, and become a member of a dynamic learning community.

What is Be A Lion?

BE A LION is an opportunity for new students to start their Penn State career in a small college atmosphere within the larger University. BE A LION is only for first-year students offered admission to our campus and is available only during Summer Session II, July 1 through August 12. Students offered admission for the fall semester can change their admission to the summer session to participate in BE A LION if they'd like.

How does it work?

Students choose their morning class from American Studies 105 or Cultural Anthropology 045. Then each student will choose a pride. (A pride is a group of lions – in this case, Penn State Nittany Lions.) A pride consists of two 3-credit courses. All students register for either PRIDE 1 - Art 020 (GA) Introduction to Drawing OR PRIDE 2 - Sociology 001(GS) Introductory Sociology.


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