Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Guidelines

Author Guidelines for 2017 Penn State Regional Symposium

Student Author, Title Faculty Adviser (Faculty Adviser) Department, student@psu.edu, faculty@psu.edu


An abstract is a stand-alone statement that briefly conveys the essential information of your presentation or poster. It should provide a concise yet complete overview of your project, including the primary purpose and scope of the research/project, a brief synopsis of the research/project (including methods used to complete the research/project), and a summary of the results, take-aways or learning that are obtained and/or planned to present. In writing an abstract, you should omit background information, literature reviews as well as any reference to other literatures, and detailed description of methods. Write the abstract in a fully-justified text immediately below the author information. The abstract should be written in 12-point, single-spaced type, and should be 200-300 words long. The word Abstract should be written as the starting word in 12-point Times font with italic-boldface type (as it is shown in this example). Leave a single-space line after the title word Abstract and begin the main text on the next line. All abstracts must be written in English and should be reviewed and edited by sponsoring faculty. Abstracts that do not follow the aforementioned criteria will be returned to submitters without evaluation.

*According to Code of Federal Regulation 45 CFR 46.102, all research involving human participants need to be reviewed and approved by the Penn State Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the beginning of all research activities. Examples of research with human participants are: interviews, questionnaire/survey studies, psychological or academic testing, physical measurements, and the collection of existing information which the individual can reasonably expect will not be made public (for example, a medical record or information available on a Facebook page). All projects submitted to the Symposium that involve human participants need to be accompanied by a valid IRB approval.