7th Annual Penn State Eastern Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium

7th Annual Penn State Eastern Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium

Award Winners:


First place:  #8
Synthesis of Azonium Compound Used in Copper (II) Ion Detection
Glenn Slick 
Faculty Mentor: Jiyoung Jung
Chemistry, Penn State Worthington Scranton

Second place: #17
Soiling Detector for Utility-Scale Solar Farms
Marques Pereira, Brett Finkelstein, Christian Skokowski
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joseph Ranalli
Renewable Energy, Penn State Hazleton

Third Place: #6
Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) at Lackawanna State Park
Nicholas Kremp

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Margret Hatch
Biology, Penn State Worthington Scranton

Honorable Mention: #7
GTPBP10 is the Member of Obg Protein Family Expressed in the Mesoderm of the Xenopus laevis Embryo
Razhan Toossi
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mick Yoder
Biology, Penn State Brandywine 

Arts & Humanities

First place:  #23
Spectrums: Vocal Pitch Characteristics of those Outside the Gender Binary
Max Schmid

Faculty Mentor: Evan Bradley
Linguistics, Penn State Brandywine

Second place: #22
The Effect of Grit on College Students’ Academic Self-Efficacy and Performance: The Role of Gender
Brian Escobar

Faculty Mentor: Raymond Petren
Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State Worthington Scranton

Third Place: #27
Predicting Opioid Abstinence: The Role of Social Support and Mental Health in Recovering Opioid Addicts
James J McKenna IV

Faculty Mentor: Patrick D. Sellers II, Ph.D.
Psychology, Penn State Worthington Scranton

Honorable Mention: #28
Fading Affect Bias and Anxious Attachment
Mallorree Peters & Veronica Kiefer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cory Scherer
Psychology, Penn State Schuylkill 

Students discuss their research at a symposium.

Brandywine students discuss their research with faculty, staff, and students at the 2016 EURECA research symposium.

Image: Penn State

Penn State’s eastern regional campuses annual Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium communicates and celebrates the participation of undergraduate students from the eastern regional Penn State campuses and local Universities and Colleges in their scholarly research endeavors. Undergraduate students who have been selected to represent their campus will present posters to showcase their work to a general audience. The symposium is open to the public.

Posters may be entered in the arts and humanities (including behavioral sciences – business studies and economics) and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). See poster guidelines for additional information. Laptop PowerPoint presentations are not allowed. Abstracts for the Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium should be submitted through this form, https://tinyurl.com/PennStateRegional2017, by noon, April 17, 2017. Questions about the symposium should be directed to Dr. Asad Azemi, Associate Professor of Engineering, Penn State Brandywine, at 610-892-1421 or azemi@psu.edu.

The 2017 Penn State Eastern Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium is offered by the Penn State Eastern Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium Committee and Penn State Brandywine.