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Rules and Guidelines for Drivers

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Campus Parking
All students and employees are expected to abide by the Campus and University Parking Policies. Parking permits may be obtained, at no cost, from the Safety and Security Office, second floor, Commons/Athletic Center. Parking in the small lot in front of the Main Building is restricted to visitors only and to those personnel named on the parking signs. Faculty and staff parking is available in the large lot across from the Commons/Athletic Center and the Library parking lot, and it is designated by yellow lines.  All vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed.


General Guidelines
Ample parking is available for students, staff, and faculty on campus. However, those bringing vehicles on campus are expected to follow campus rules and guidelines for safety and protection of the entire campus community.

Parking permits are free of charge. However, all vehicles brought on campus must be properly registered with the Security Office (second floor, Commons/Athletic Center), and the parking permit must always be posted in full view. Security should be notified of changes in vehicle type or registration.

Driving on Campus
Operators of any vehicle on the campus are expected to:
• Come to a complete stop at all stop signs
• Yield the right of way to oncoming traffic
• Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks
• Observe the 13 mph speed limit
• Drive only on campus roadways, not pathways
• Follow the rules of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code

Students may park in the WHITE-LINED spaces in the large lots across from the Main and Commons Buildings and by the Vairo Library.

YELLOW-LINED spaces are reserved for faculty and staff. Handicapped parking, BLUE-LINED spaces, are reserved for members of our campus community who display the proper handicap registration. Those needing a handicapped parking space and displaying proper handicap registration must find a legal parking space if/when all specially marked spaces are occupied.

No parking is allowed in the lots immediately behind the Commons/Athletic Center and the Vairo Library, or along the driveway by the Classroom Building, except by special permit or by authorized vehicles. Flashers are required for vehicles unloading in any of these areas, and vehicles must be moved immediately following the unloading.

No access roads or portions of the main drive should be blocked by vehicles at any time. This is especially true in front of the Commons Building due to bus traffic.

All accidents occurring on campus must be reported immediately to the Security office by dialing 610-892-1494 or x496 from any campus phone. Vehicles should not be moved from the scene of an accident until a Security or police officer arrives.

If you lock your keys in your car, contact Security for assistance in opening your vehicle. Cars with electric locks or security locks may not be able to be opened by campus Security. Minor problems with vehicles are also handled, whenever possible.

One of the most frequent problems encountered by members of our campus community is a dead battery due to lights being left on. Please remember to turn off your lights when leaving your vehicle.

To protect your vehicle and your property, lock your car whenever you leave it. Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle (e.g., on the seat). Lock all valuables in the trunk of your vehicle.
Notify Security if you will be leaving your vehicle on campus overnight.


  • No Permit: $15.00
  • Expired / Fraudulent Permit: $15.00
  • Moving Violation: 25.00
  • Blocking Parked Car or Access Road: $10.00
  • Parked Outside Lines: $10.00
  • Other: $8.00
  • Unauthorized Driving on Campus: $10.00
  • Handicapped Parking Violation: $25.00
  • Fire Zone Violation: $25.00
  • Wrong Area: $15.00

Tickets will be issued for violating any of the above rules and guidelines, and all fines must be paid immediately at the Bursar’s Office (Main Building, Room 105). Please note, however, that fines collected for parking violations are put in the Student Government Association treasury. The fine amounts that appear above are also listed on the front and rear of the ticket.

To appeal a ticket, complete a ticket appeal form, or pick up an appeal form at one of the following locations: Office of Safety and Police (Commons/ Athletic Center, Room 209), Bursar’s Office (Main Building, Room 105) or Student Life (Commons/ Athletic Center, 2nd floor).

FAILURE TO PAY A FINE can result in student records being held. Please pay fines promptly.


Safety and Police

Lewis Sweigart
Chief of Police
Commons/Athletic Center
Room 209

Joseph Williamson
Public Safety Officer
Commons/Athletic Center
Room 208

Matthew Cerasuolo
Public Safety Officer
Commons/Athletic Center
Room 208

Part-Time Security

Sanjay Bridges
Anwar English
Andrew Haber
Robert McKay
John Tiedemann