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Speakers Address Welfare, Poverty in U.S.

11/14/2011 —

Beginning this week, Penn State Brandywine Instructor Craig Stutman, who is currently teaching HIST 154: A History of Welfare and Poverty in the United States, will host several speakers on campus to cover topics related to his course. All three events will be held from 2:30 to 3:20 p.m. in the John D. Vairo Library, room 110.

Wednesday, Nov. 16: Hoa Pham, director of outreach at LIFT, a welfare advocacy organization for Southeastern Pennsylvania

Friday, Nov. 18: Andrea Brooks, program coordinator for the Bethesda Project, a homeless shelter and advocacy agency (http://www.bethesdaproject.org)

Monday, Nov. 28: Mahbubur Meenar, assistant director (GIS Operations and Research) at the Center for Sustainable Communities; adjunct assistant professor (Community and Regional Planning), Temple University

Stutman recently recieved a Ph.D. from Temple University and brings with him exciting and beneficial experience working in public history. His class focuses on “history of care of the impoverished (emphasis on gender, race, nationality, age of poor and welfare givers), 18th Century to present.” It uncovers this history both chronologically and thematically. Students explore what political thinkers, legislators, community and church leaders, business leaders, artisans, industrial and agricultural workers, and reformers alike actually thought (and continue to think) about the meaning of poverty and welfare.

The class has explored many of the following themes: indentured servitude and slavery; poor houses, prisons and pauperism; policies, politics and reformers; gender, poverty and welfare; race, ethnicity and poverty; poverty, welfare and children; industrial unions, agricultural granges and populist movements; poverty and housing; poverty and education; poverty and the New Deal; individualism, big business laissez-faire politics and poverty; the war on poverty; welfare reform; and depressions, recessions and poverty.

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