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3/26/2010 —

In honor of National Absolutely Incredible Kid Day on March 18, each student in the Environmental Earth (Earth 100) class wrote a letter with an earth science theme to children at Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. The letters were delivered by the class instructor, Laura Guertin, associate professor of earth and mineral science, to hospital staff, who will choose the recipients.

Alexandra Carlson

Each student was assigned a different earth science book as part of the class. They then took inspiration and content from these books to write their letters, which they hope will provide not just some earth science knowledge and an opportunity for the children to learn something new, but also bring some joy to their lives.

“I wanted to write a letter that would let the kids use their imaginations and get them out of their situation,” freshman Zanya Stephenson said.

Zanya Stephenson

Freshman Matt Donegan said he hopes the letters will let the children know that someone cares, even a stranger.

As for sophomore Michelle Sulpizio’s letter, she wanted it to open the children's minds to a happier and brighter future. She wants them to have “something to look up to” and for them to think “I want to go to college now!”

Chris Fitzgerald

Besides writing to teach others and bring some happiness to their lives, the process even taught the students a few things about earth science. On finding a way to translate the often-complicated science material into a lower learning level for the young children, Sulpizio said, “When I dumbed it down for the kids, it actually ended up making more sense to me! Making it fun for a [young kid] made me enjoy the subject more.”

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