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Image of Jimmy Burke
10/23/2008 —

For a week in October – the height of the fall baseball season – Penn State Brandywine sophomore Jimmy Burke was recognized as Player of the Week by the Penn State University Athletic Conference (PSUAC) for his excellent performance against rival Penn State York on October 4th and 5th.

Burke, shortstop for the Penn State Brandywine Lions, said, “As a team, we weren’t playing as well as we usually do. But I had two good days. Every time I was at the plate I hit really well. Between the two games, I got five hits.”

However, the recognition came as a surprise. In fact, Burke was at his sister’s wedding rehearsal when teammate Ted Seiler sent him a text message: “Congrats, man! You’re Player of the Week.”

“I was trying to concentrate on the rehearsal,” Burke said, “but pretty soon the whole team was texting me. It was a great feeling.”

A graduate of Upper Darby High School, Burke said he and his teammates work together incredibly well. “Everyone works hard and we don’t even think about individual awards. We’re working to bring home a championship. Everyone in our lineup is an all-star and I’m sure there will be lots more Penn State Brandywine Players of the Week.”

He emphasized that the closeness of the team contributes to its success. The team has had an outstanding season, with a record of 11-1.

 “When one of us has a bad game, someone else is there to pick him up,” he says. “I couldn’t ask for better teammates. I just really believe that even though it was an individual award, it is still all about the ‘team’.”

And the coach has made all the difference, too. “Coach Vickers is unbelievable,” Burke said. “We were with him for his 100th win in Pittsburgh and I was really happy for him. He keeps us all focused and always makes the right decisions. He has a great relationship with every member of the team. He is definitely the best coach I’ve ever had.”

An education major, Burke looks forward to spring season and the chance for the team to go to the playoffs.

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