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Leadership Recognition Night
4/26/2007 —

Penn State Brandywine student leaders volunteer many hours of their limited free time to enhance the student life experience and to help build community here on campus.  These leaders were honored at Leadership Recognition night, on April 25, in the Tomezsko Classroom Building Lounge. Many members of the campus community, family, and friends attended the ceremony/reception to celebrate the campus' student leaders.

Student Leadership Awards for 2006-2007

Sean Nichols
Eric A. and Josephine S.  Walker Award (University-Wide Award)

This award is given annually to full-time undergraduate students from each of the campus locations.  The Walker award recognizes a student whose outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and citizenship have been directed into programs and services that have positively influenced fellow students and have contributed to the prestige and well-being of their campus and, hence, to the reputation of the University as a whole.

Ryan Whittington and Matthew Voigt
Outstanding Student Service to Campus and Community Award

Recognizes a student who has given outstanding service to the campus and community through volunteering their time by assisting others or impacting the lives of others, thereby gaining positive recognition for him/herself and for the campus. 

Crystal Paulino
Barbara Jackson-Williams Award for Cross-Cultural Understanding

Recognizes a student who has clearly demonstrated that individual differences are valuable and that learning about others who are culturally different is necessary and rewarding;  who has shown the ability to gain the trust and respect of individuals who are culturally different from themselves;  who has initiated programming efforts involving multicultural issues at Penn State Brandywine; or who has provided outstanding service in a variety of cultural student organizations at Penn State Brandywine.

Heather Cuthbert
Outstanding Adult Student Award

Recognizes an outstanding adult student (age 24+) at this campus who demonstrates        initiative, tenacity and flexibility in overcoming obstacles to furthering his/her                education;  who serves as a role model for other adult students by sensitizing the institution to the needs of adult students and by establishing him/herself as a leader in the peer group;  who achieves academic excellence as measured by cumulative GPA;  and whose clearly defined short and long term goals reflect the values and ideals of higher education. 

Student Club/Organization of the Year

Recognizes a student club or organization that has shown exceptional involvement throughout the year.  This club/organization was active in recruiting new members and keeping them engaged and involved.  This club/organization contributed to the quality of student life and promoted campus involvement. 

"Take Back the Night"  HDFS Club
Outstanding Program or Event of the Year

Recognizes a program or event, sponsored by a student club/organization that enhanced the quality of student life by promoting campus community and Penn State pride.  This program should demonstrate creativity, uniqueness, and inclusion. 

Katherine Meehan - HDFS Club
Club/Organization Adviser of the Year

Recognizes a faculty or staff member that volunteers their time to serve as a club/organization adviser.  This adviser has shown that they are truly engaged in the activities and mission of the student organization and are committed to enhancing the student life experience.  The recipient of this award should be serving in the role of an adviser that goes beyond the expectations of their job duties. 

Paul Hurych
Student Government President Award

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