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Earth Day
4/30/2007 —

As part of their final project in Dr. Macauley's Environmental Philosophy class, Raquel Silano and James Woodruff organized an Earth Day celebration for April 23, 2007. The event took place on the campus lawn near the Gazebo. Displays and information tables showed how important it is to recycle cans, bottles, and newspapers; reuse what we already have; and reduce the amount of waste and garbage we produce. There also were hybrid cars on display, including a Toyota Prius. Students, faculty, and staff learned how everyone can make a difference, and through support for common global goals, there is hope for the future.

View the web gallery of the event!

Check out Raquel's webpage for more information on how all of us can help.

Some of the events included:

• Display of an “environmentally-friendly” and fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle
• Give-away of recycling bins
•  Information tables and literature on environmental subjects
• “Ecological Footprint” tests that measure each person’s environmental impact on the planet
• Directions to the campus walking trail 
• Healthy food
• Energy-efficient light bulbs . . . and more.

The goal of the event was to educate and inform students, faculty and staff about environmental issues, problems and solutions; to share our ecological concerns and hopes; and to inspire others to responsible action.

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