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Symposium on the Role of the Academy in Promoting Social Justice to be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at Penn State Brandywine.

This day-long interdisciplinary symposium draws together persons from academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and government offices whose work – be it research, education, service, or policy-making – presses forward a common agenda: creating and sustaining educational environments that nurture social justice and human rights.

Presenters will take up the question of the obligations and practices of higher education in developing a just society. Attention will be given to identifying barriers and exploring avenues to fundamental human rights such as education, nourishment, and health,

Suraya Pakzad will be the keynote speaker, and the symposium will pay special tribute to her work as an activist for women’s rights in Afghanistan, the founder of The Voice of Women Organization, and as the first recipient of the Peace X Peace Voice of Peace Award.  In addition to Ms. Pakzad’s keynote address, the program will include a presentation by U.S. Senator Robert Casey. 

Roundtable and panel discussions by members of the academic, philanthropic, and governmental communities will address topics including developing civic identity in youth, promoting community partnerships, scholarship for social justice, and the Clemente course for the humanities. 

Image of Carry the Light mural

Carry the Light
Courtesy of the Chester Mural Program,
A Program of the Community Arts Center in Wallingford