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TEDxPSU, an event sponsored by the IST Alumni Society, will be held November 13, 2011. Penn State Brandywine is hosting a local Watch Party on our campus, which will allow students, faculty, staff, and community members to participate virtually in the TEDx experience.

This day-long event will bring together innovative and thought-provoking individuals from all over the Penn State community and the world to listen and share fascinating ideas worth spreading. We have selected speakers based on their expertise in a specific discipline and their ability to trigger conversation and inspire action. Using a blend of live talks and pre-recorded videos, TEDxPSU will bring together the University community and kick off a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing our society.

Register today!

For more information, contact:
Dr. Laura Guertin, uxg3@psu.edu
Nannette D’Imperio, nxd13@psu.edu